Earn Money Writing Poetry and Greeting Cards

There are people whose writing on social media or other places shows that they can draw the eye with their craft. Unfortunately, many have never realized that this ability can potentially give them an alternative source of income.

There are those whose poetic write-ups naturally flow and their sentimental messages reach down the recess of the soul.

Get Paid Writing Poetry

However, it is important before any submission to make sure that you are familiar with their guidelines. There are publishers who charge a fee for submission even if your work won’t be picked. There others that will accept simultaneous submissions as long as they are informed. With the understanding of the different requirements that may be needed, here some of the poetry publishers that pay:

The Sun

It might take a few days or weeks for your poem to be accepted and approved by The Sun but if approved, you can earn from $100 to $250. If you have work that is readily available you can go ahead and submit without any obligation. However, they will only accept epic poetry and not rhyming poetry.

Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation is a Chicago-based American foundation that offers highly lucrative service. With a purpose to promote poetry in the wider culture, your poetry work is published in Poetry Magazine and can earn up to $10 per line. You are required to submit four poems or fewer at a time. The minimum payment amount is $300.

Boulevard Magazine

This site gives you a chance to submit up to five poems at a time and earn between $25 and $250 for each poem that is accepted. Boulevard strives to publish only the finest but is also very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. Those who have practiced their craft and think their work is the best. they can send by post or online to Boulevard. They accept submissions from November 1 to May 1. However, no email submissions are accepted and there is a fee of a $3 to submit online. No fee is charged if you send it by post.


At Rattle, they say, anything always goes. If a poem is accessible, interesting, moving, and memorable, if it makes you laugh or cry, then it’s the kind of poem that rattles around inside you for years, and it’s their kind of poem. Rattle gives poets a chance to earn $50 per poem on every poem that is accepted and you can also earn up to $100 for each poem that is published in the next Rattle print edition. If your poem is considered to be the best poem of the year you can earn the $1,000 prize award.  You can rattle with them even on current affairs. They have one of the most flexible sites for publication of poetry.

It is important to state, however, that though we have sites like the foregoing and several others, it is not a guarantee that you will earn unless your work is accepted. It could also take months before your work is approved and paid for.

Get Paid Writing Greeting Cards

Poetry may not be for you but you have at one time or the other written some greeting or sentimental message. It is now time to check how to make money with greeting cards. The first thing to do is to research and study the variety of the wording inside the cards from your local store.

From sentimental cards filled with flowing prose to humorous cards, you must understand the format that doesn’t only suit you but that sells. If you find a style that you love and think you would be exceptional at, make some notes and look on the back of the cards for the publishing companies to whom you could potentially pitch. And then you begin making money writing greeting cards!

Some greeting card companies use in-house writers, but there are several that employ freelance writers, so there are plenty of opportunities to make some extra money.

Avanti Press

Avanti thrives on innovation, always pushing the envelope to create something fresh and exciting to delight their customers. For this reason, Avanti greeting cards are unique, memorable, and fun. Check out their style and values and if it is something that appeals to you, simply forward your writing samples. Then your craftwork will have a chance of getting to the market for sale.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain features highly original and creative submissions on love, friendship, family, missing you, and other real-life topics. Writings on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, congratulations, etc.) as well as the challenges, difficulties, and aspirations of life are also considered. Additionally, it provides a fun and imaginative online greeting card design from its unique community of dedicated writers.

Greeting Card Universe

Greeting Card Universe began in California in the summer of 2007, and they’ve grown to be the world’s largest card store, with a range of over 600,000 cards, invitations, and announcements designed by their hand-picked community of artists, who can also customize your cards for you. They’re still growing, with their artists adding a staggering 500-1,000 new cards every day!

All orders are shipped out the very next business day from our US or UK print facilities.

The submission process is unique as you create an artist account and then design your card by uploading an image and creating the card message. Then when your card is bought, you earn up to US0.35 for each paper card sold, with scope to earn more. If you don’t have access to high-quality stock images, you can use their Stock Card Creations services at no cost. You can earn up to 0.35 for each paper card sold, with scope to earn more.

Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios publishes humorous cards that are family-friendly and conversational. It has been in the business of making people laugh for over 40 years, and has grown into one of the top humorous greeting card companies in the world. Freelance submissions
covering different life occasions are featured and so they appeal to a wide range of readers. You could earn as much as $100 per purchased idea used. If you think you’ve something they’ll love, send in your best work!

P.S. Greetings, Inc.

From Chicago, Illinois, comes P.S. Greetings, Inc. With over 80 years in the industry, P.S Greetings, Inc. specializes in innovative designs for every occasion at a great price. They specialize in holiday and everyday boxed cards, individual card programs, seasonal card programs, jumbo cards, gift tags, and gift boxes. P.S. Greetings accepts submissions of verse, illustrations, and photographs through regular mail at Design Director, P. S. Greetings, 5730 North Tripp Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646. They don’t accept email submissions.

The foregoing list of greeting card companies is not exhaustive. You can search and research online companies that will be interested in your work. What is important is to understand the terms and conditions before sending in your work.

Greeting Card Business

Finally, would it be nice to build your own brand and store online? There is a world of possibility through platforms like Etsy or Shopify. Joining and starting a shop on Etsy is free. However, it will cost $0.20 to publish a listing to the marketplace. On the other hand, Shopify Basic costs $29 monthly (and 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction). If you decide on the business route, you need to have an artistic flair as you will be designing and writing the greeting cards.

Please comment on the opportunities for poetry and greeting cards below.