How To Get Paid For Writing Online

You can get paid to write articles, blogs, poems, short stories, and reviews. The publishers know that In the world today unless you keep on publishing, you might find yourself out of business. For this reason, they are always looking for submissions that will keep their sites relevant and engaged.

In this article, we shall examine how to get paid online writing blogs and articles.

Get paid writing blogs

Does Blogging require skilled writers?

You might not be a professional writer for you to be a successful blogger. When it comes to blogging, though writing skills will give you an advantage, it will not suffice.  You require communication skills which will assist with your marketing campaign and social media reach, and branding. You also need some technical skills to help with your SEO analysis. Equally important will be your time management skills for you to schedule your work appropriately.

You may choose one of these to approach the goal of making money blogging

  1. Freelance Blogging
  2. Niche Blogging

There are several sites that offer freelance blogging opportunities. The blogs may be required to be 300 to 500 words but must have a regular posting schedule. Modalities of earnings may differ but mostly they pay per post. Typical rates could range from $5 to $50 per post depending on how detailed or how technical the post is. There are some others that have ad revenue sharing.

The following are amongst the popular websites that could be recommended for freelance blogging:

For those confident bloggers, this is a good site for them. It has knowledgeable and experienced participants and offers the most paying and prestigious opportunities. This might be too competitive for a novice blogger. However, it does offer an opportunity to hone the necessary skills to upgrade to a professional for any follower of their community. They have over 8,000 posts with blogging advice, tips, and in-depth tutorials alongside the latest blogging trends.

This platform helps readers find well-paying jobs. There are multiple posts on a daily basis on the site. They don’t accept low-paying jobs and so the blogging jobs found here are of a high standard. They also have tips for upcoming bloggers. It might a good idea to keep an eye on their job boards.


You can also find blogging jobs at Upwork. This was formerly Elance-oDesk and is a global freelancing platform where one can connect to do business. It serves as a huge global marketplace for general freelance work and offers several blogging jobs daily.

Media Bistro

Mediabistro is a big portal with resources for media professionals. This will cover categories in the content/creative industries such as online media, PR, writers, editors, producers, etc. This is where the big media players (magazines, newspapers) will post jobs. Highly paying jobs can be found on their job boards.

You can also check other sites like Writer’s Weekly for jobs and tips on freelance blogging. There are other sites that you can bid or advertise yourself such as Freelancer and Fiverr.

Niche Blogging

This will require patience and acquisition of relevant skills. You need to have your own website, understand SEO and key search technics. There are a lot of resources available and the good news is that some of them are free. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate will give you the basics to understand how to have a start.

Once you identify a specific target group called a niche, you start writing articles for that audience. As you build traffic to your page, third party links that you eventually add on your page can start earning your commissions as an affiliate marketer.

A sample of Websites that pay you to write online

If blogging is not for you, the following sites, where you earn writing articles online, maybe the alternative for you:

1. FundsforWriters

This a website that accepts articles for their newsletter. The article must relate to writing, and they pay $50 per accepted post. The minimum word range must be between 500-600. It is also filled with educational information on how to earn money as a writer. There is also helpful information on grants and writing contests.

2. BestPickist

If you enjoy cooking and you have a hobby of writing, this site might open doors for your earning as a writer. They publish articles on recipes, expert interviews, nutrition tips, and even fitness guides. You could be paid from $75 to $160.

3. B Michelle Pippin

This is essentially a professional website which publishes guest posts on topics like time management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. It is run by leading women entrepreneur B Michelle Peppin and pays up to $150.

4.Thriving Family

This site features current writing opportunities for authors of all genres, with a preference for Christian publications. This Christian-focused site pays $300 to $375 for articles (1,200 to 1,500 words) about marriage and family life, ways to help children develop faith, and interviews with personalities.

5.The Travel Freelance writing

This site has a catalog of sites for those who want to make a living as a travel writer, photographer, or tour operator. The articles will pay varying amounts.

6.Vibrant Life

This site pays for articles about physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective.

There are many more options online; it’s a matter of searching for them and boom you are on the way to your next paycheck.

Get paid writing short stories

Last but not least, if you can tell short stories and you have a knack for writing, you have a chance of earning some income also.


This is an American literary magazine founded in 1972 that publishes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, and artwork twice a year in print and weekly online from its home at Boston University. They pay $10 per printed page for fiction, $20 per page for poetry, plus a year’s subscription to the magazine and several copies of the issue.


Boulevard is a longstanding, award-winning journal that has been publishing contemporary short stories, poetry, and essays since 1985. Boulevard will accept contemporary literary fiction and no genre fiction.  It particularly encourages new writers to submit—authors who have already been published in another paying market are actually at a disadvantage here!


One unique feature about Carve is that the editors frequently respond to submissions with editorial critiques instead of just a rejection note. They offer an online platform focusing on “honest fiction” as well as a print magazine that includes poetry, nonfiction, and illustrations. They only accept literary fiction, not genre fiction (so no horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, thrillers, etc.). They could pay as much as  $100 per short story.

We have many others waiting for your short stories such as Glimmertrain, The Iowa Review, The Missouri Review, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, Threepenny Review, Analog, Apex, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Giganotosaurus, Strange Horizons, and Romance, Heroes & Heartbreakers, Shades of Romance and Flash Fiction Online and Vestal Review. The list goes on and on.

Please comment and let me know the sites that you have tried before or intend to try and your opinion on the services they offer.