About me

Welcome to moneymultiples.com , a site that gives you insight on opportunities for your financial freedom

My Story

For a long time I was stuck with an 8 to 5 job and that was all I cared about concerning my income. The challenge I had was that it didn’t matter how often the salary was adjusted  upwards. it never seemed enough. I was in it for security but often times I was faced with a possibility of losing the job. I heard the word downsizing more times than I would care to hear it. So the stress levels were high perennially, yet I never acted on what was best for me and my family, as I thought opportunities were limited. Obviously I was held captive by a mindset of one stream of income and that was from employment.

Unfortunately, a time that I dreaded finally arrived. My contract was not renewed and so it meant walking away from my comfort zone. This was indeed uncharted territory. I needed to figure out what to do and I needed to do that quickly. So I found myself looking for alternative sources of income! This made me realize that I could have done better if only I explored the possibilities of multiple sources of income!

Why I want to help People

Now that my eyes were opened albeit late, I would like to help people see the endless possibilities out there. This is pertinent especially now where we have a lot of people going out of employment in this post covid era. It will be important that people quickly learn other ways of making money.

To survive the post covid challenges, we need to focus on perhaps non-traditional means of doing business and generating income in multiple ways. Time moves fast and it will be important to keep a tab on the trends that will make you tick. Obviously it won’t be business as usual!

I care deeply about people and to help them out of a cycle of poverty or out of the rat race is now something like a calling. My very reason of existence, in as afar as I’m concerned is to connect and to help people discover their potential and purpose.

The goal of this site

This site will give you insights that will hopefully improve your station of life. It is here to introduce to you keys that will open doors to your financial freedom. It will equip you with principles as well as areas of opportunity that will ensure not only financial stability but also financial freedom to help you focus on your main purpose of life.

We shall move together to achieve great things as we explore money multiple sources!!

All the best,

William Sakala