Work From Home Proofreading

I came across a story of someone who stumbled on a business working from home. Interestingly what started as a by the way matter was soon transformed into a fulltime career earning $3-$5k/month. Eventually, it became a booming business. This is an account of the owner of “Proofread Anywhere”, Caitlin Pyles, who in early 2015 launched a course called Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™. She became a multimillionaire within four years! Little wonder then that she has been featured by Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and many more respectable publications. She is now helping other people own proofreading business. In her training, she offers marketable skills for those passionate in this trade to start a business.

There are many more stories out there of regular people who found some proofreader jobs online and went ahead to make it a career and succeded while working from home.

Is proofreading the same as editing?

No, not all. Editing is part of the writing process where one strives to improve the structure, quality, and readability of the draft while ensuring that the obvious spelling and grammatical errors are corrected

Proofreading comes after editing and it is a stage where one reads to mark off any errors that might have been overlooked at the editing stage.

How can you become a proofreader?

While being a proofreader can come naturally with a good command of English, there is always the need to have some certification. This is because finding online proofreading jobs for beginners might be a  daunting task. Courses like Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ will offer one the key steps not only to become competent but also marketable in this field. A Course structure also helps in providing a network and a team of mentors who will help to shorten the learning curve as well as give one a sense of direction.

Caitlin Pyle, from Proofread Anywhere fame, has two very popular courses that can help a beginner find their feet in creating their own successful proofreading business from scratch. It might be a good idea to start with them.

Is Proofreading in demand?

According to a outlook, proofreading is expected to have a formidable increase in demand. With the growing attraction, there will be more opportunity for work from home proofreading jobs. The flexibility of remote working, with more tools coming onto the market, could be ideal as a side hassle or for a stay at home mom who wants some extra income. There are many part-time proofreading jobs online and many people are being employed as long as they demonstrate an expected level of skillset.

There is a lot of content on the internet today and this would only get better. With this body of knowledge always expanding, the following will command demand for proofreaders:

  • Newspapers/periodical/book/directory publishers
  • Professional scientific/technical services
  • Employment services
  • Motion picture and video industries
  • Advertising/PR/related services

Where can one get hired as a proofreader?

As a beginner, you could visit Proofreading Services who are hiring part-time and full-time proofreaders. As long as you can demonstrate superlative proofreading and editing skills, there is a chance for you. There is a selection test that you undergo and in case you don’t meet the criteria, they will refer you to other sites that might be a possibility for you.

Some key phrases to help with your search

The search engines have made it possible for you to check proofreader jobs online. Keyword search of the following will get you going:

  • Proofreader
  • proofreading
  • editor
  • editing
  • copy editor
  • line editor
  • academic editor
  • book editor

We have numerous websites that delve into the details of this area and you will discover them as you use any search engine. However, it will be important to caution that the internet is a place where nothing ought to be taken at face value. Giving away your details may make you vulnerable. For this reason, you need to be sure you are dealing with legit sites and avoid any that promises you overnight success.

Are there any tools that can help with proofreading?

There is quite a number but we can just look at a couple:

  1. Microsoft Word

This is a useful tool that highlights the sentences that have grammatical errors or those that have any misspellings. There is a possibility of using macros that help to check grammar. However, Microsoft is limited and so there might a need to check on other useful tools.

  1. Grammarly editing and proofreading

Grammarly is quite popular as it is simple to use and one can sync it with all web applications including email. It works differently from a word processor as it can identity words correctly spelled but used in a wrong context and lacking in terms of vocabulary.

3.  PerfectIt

This software appeals to most of the health editors.  It is used with Microsoft word and also has free apps available to check abbreviations or spelling consistency in your writing. Style guides can be adapted by customizing PerfectIt that brand requirements are met.

  1. Hemingway Editor

This application will help to simplify your content by improving your readability and flow.

  1. Phrase Express

This tool can complete or correct phrases. It can expand abbreviations thereby saving you time.

Google Docs – This allows the sharing of documents online and it will also help with markup procedures and adding of comments. Alternatively, Dropbox can be used to share documents.

Why should you give it a go?

With the desperate situation that many find themselves in this post-covid19 era, it will be important to have an open mind and even try on non -traditional occupations.

Proofreading is a work from home opportunity that requires exploring as long as your English diction is impeccable. There are openings daily for freelance proofreading jobs even for beginners. There are also plenty of part-time proofreading jobs online. Your skill can help you get going in this career.